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How We Help Advisors

  Offer Industry-Leading Social Security Advice
  We Do the Work For You and Make It Easy
  This is the Big One: Help Your Clients Make the Best Decision About Their Largest Retirement       Asset
  Differentiate Yourself Among Competitors and Earn New Business
  No Social Security Software, Marketing, or Training Needed!
  Generate Leads and Gather New Client Assets With Our Maximum Social Security Strategy
  Flexible Payment: The Advisor Can Pay or the Client Can Pay
  Advisor and Client Conference Calls: We will review your client's Social Security options with       you and your client via telephone and online

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One-Time Fee Per Client!

  • Features

  • Maximize Your Client's Social Security
  • Advisor and Client Conference Calls
  • Personalized Social Security Strategy
  • Best Claiming Strategy Identified
  • When, What, & How to File
  • Detailed Custom Analysis
  • Easy Visuals & Instructions
  • Important Filing Dates
  • We Make It Easy!
  • Instant Online Access
  • Compare & Create Scenarios
  • Speak With An Expert- Unlimited Access
  • Claiming Questions Answered
  • Easy Filing Service! We File for You!
    Speak With An Expert!
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  • $9995

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What We Do For Your Clients

  We Maximize Clients' Social Security &       Make It Easy!
  We Show Them How to Make The Best       Choices
  Speak to An Expert: Access to A Dedicated       Social Security Advisor
  Tell Them When to File, What to File, &       How to File
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Why Your Clients Need Us

  70% of Americans Leave Money On The      Table ($120,000 On Average, Per Couple)
  Social Security Is Complicated! Are Your      Clients Making The Right Decisions?
  Expert Social Security Advice is Difficult to      Find
  The Social Security Administration Is      Prohibited from Providing Advice
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What Your Clients Get

All this...why wait?

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How It Works for Advisors

Step 1:  Take the first step by offering the best Social Security advice available in the market, our Maximum Social Security Strategy and add value for your clients!
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Step 2:   Hire us to complete a full Social Security analysis for your client. The client will receive their Maximum Social Security Strategy report and full access to one of our advisors via telephone to answer any questions. You as your client's advisor are also welcome on these calls.
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Step 3:  Clients will be fully educated regarding their best Social Security options and will be able to make the best decisions possible to maximize their Social Security. We can even file for their Social Security for them if desired.
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What is Social Security Advisors? An Overview.

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The Million Dollar Decision

This is the Big One: Many couples receive more than $1,000,000 in joint lifetime Social Security benefits. Making the right decision about this overlooked retirement asset is critical!